Delight among students and staff as Rosemont hoist their Active School Flag on May 12th.

This year a team of teachers and students worked alongside one another to make Rosemont a school where activity was at the forefront. We wanted to develop a positive culture around the importance of physical activity and how  leading a healthy and active lifestyle can lead to so many positives. Within our school numerous activities were set up in order to achieve this. Speeches from Olympic Athlete Brian Gregan to setting up new sports, for example; netball and tennis,  morning bootcamp at 8.30am every Tuesday morning and our very exciting healthy living week where the entire school ran their very own school chair to 5km. Ms O Malley is hopeful that the students will carry these life skills with them into their communities, at home and throughout their lives. Ms O’ Malley would also like to say a sincere thanks to her hard working and dedicated TY committee who put a lot of work into promoting the Active School Flag in Rosemont.



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